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S2 Outdoor Motion Sensor MODEL ZSE29


We've been waiting for a true outdoor Z-Wave motion sensor long enough. This is a simple detector you can depend on, whether for security or automation.

Mount it on a clean flat surface, add it to your Z-Wave hub, and create a smart rule for the lights to come one whenever motion is detected in front of the garage. It's that easy!

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Product Features Z-Wave at its best.

zse29 features

Quick & Reliable

With a good size lens, it can detect motion up to 30 feet.

Outdoor Housing

The sensor is IP44 rated and can be safely used outside.

USB & Battery Power

Choose your preferred power source for the sensor.

Easy to Install

All it takes is a couple of screws and auto-inclusion to hub.

Adjustable Device

Set motion time-out and LUX trigger for associated Z-Wave on the sensor.

Extra Secure

Equipped with the latest security protocol for added safety.

zse29 security

Hackerproof S2 Authenticated Security

The latest security protocol from Z-Wave makes it practically impossible for your smart home network to be compromised. By using unique entry keys for each device, it prevents data leaks and cyber intrusion like never before.

zse29 automate lighting

Automate Outdoor Lighting

Automate outdoor lighting by pairing your motion sensor with an S2 switch or dimmer from our portfolio. Ensure a clear pathway to the front door or garage after dark.

Depending on your hub's capabilities, you will be able to create sophisticated scenarios to create the perfect motion-based rules for your daily routine.

You asked for it

We brought you the first Z-Wave motion sensor designed for outdoor use. We know too well not everyone likes batteries so we added an option for the device to be powered with USB. Just because you asked.

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