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Paddle Light Switches MODELS: ZEN21, ZEN22 VER. 2.0

Fast & Simple

These Z-Wave Plus switches were made for reliable, instant light control. Monitor and command your lights to turn on/off or change brightness levels from your smart home app.

If your Z-Wave hub is integrated with Alexa or Google Home, just ask your speaker to turn the light on or off. Adjust lighting while watching a movie without leaving the sofa.


Compatible with your hub

The switches will work with any open Z-Wave certified hub, including Wink, SmartThings, Fibaro, and Vera. Get detailed instructions on how to integrate them with your system on our support page.

Advanced settings are available whenever your Z-Wave hub allows for parameter input.

Smart Lighting You Won't Go Back

We don't expect you to remember if you left that bathroom light on when you were leaving to work this morning. You shouldn't even be thinking about it. And once you add Z-Wave to your switches you'll quickly forget you ever worried about the lights being on when they didn't have to.

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Multi-switch Control Direct 3-Way Solution

Meet the first Z-Wave light controls to connect with regular mechanical switches in 3-way set-ups. You don't need a dedicated slave switch, just add Zooz and rewire your existing switch for a smart 3-way.


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Save Energy Light Automation

Schedule, trigger, and group your Z-Wave switches with other devices in the network to manage power more efficiently. Pair them with LED bulbs to further reduce energy use.


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Brightness Control Make Yourself Comfortable

Lighting is one of the most important factors of our well-being. Preset the right dimming level for every step in your routine and never walk into a dark room again.


More Than Light Switches

Your Z-Wave switches will not offer wireless control lighting control alone. They will expand the range of your mesh network. They will add a modern look to your home. And they will be yours to customize.

If your hub gives user access to advanced settings, you will be able to change how the LED indicator displays on the switch or decide how you want the switch to behave after power failure.

Adjustable LED indicator

Decide when it's on

Built-in repeater

Get an instant network boost

More Settings

Customize your switches

Modern Design

Adds a clean contemporary look

You asked for it

We made the LED indicator blink when communication is in progress to streamline the set-up and troubleshooting process. We included a neutral jumper in the box and simplified the wiring diagrams. We added an option to adjust ramp rate for the dimmer. Just because you asked.

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