Zooz Z-Wave Plus Power Switch


zooz zen15 v2 dimmer switch

What It Does

Wireless & Local Control

Remotely monitor and control some of your household’s most energy-sucking appliances: fridges, microwaves, gas dryers, window AC units, humidifiers, & more!

Efficient Energy Monitoring

Log into your Z-Wave hub’s app to see how much power a connected device is using in real time. Check its power consumption history to effectively manage use.

Save Your Status

Power failure got you down? On/off status recovery means no more worrying about spoiled food.

Easy LED Check-Ins

Take a look at the LED indicator to see what the Switch has to say about Z-Wave signal strength and power usage of the connected device.

Hello, Advanced Scenarios

Create a schedule for your AC unit so you can set it and forget it. Trigger your dehumidifier as soon as your Z-Wave 4-in-1 sensor detects high humidity level.

Safety in the Software

Z-Wave Plus, along with the built-in range extender, mean longer range and faster connections. AES signal encryption ensures your devices remain secure.

Safety in the Hardware

With heavy-duty case and extra-thick cord, this device guarantees long-lasting performance. ETL certification means the product is designed according to the North American industry standards.

Zooz ZEN15 Power Switch Full Wiew
Zooz ZEN15 Power Switch Components
Zooz ZEN15 Power Switch Usage


  • Model Number: ZEN15
  • Z-Wave Frequency: 908.42 MHz (US)
  • Power: 110V, 60Hz
  • Maximum Load: 15A, 1800W, 0.5 HP
  • Z-Wave Range: Up to 130 feet
  • Operating Temperature: 14° - 104°F (-10°- 40°C)
  • Installation and Use: Indoor only
  • Dimensions: 20” (with cord) x 2.6” 1.1”
  • Weight: 10 oz.


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