Zooz Z-Wave Plus Valve Control ZAC03

Secure valve control for your convenience and protection

Zooz ZAC03 Valve Control

What it does

Wireless & Manual Valve Control

Control your gas and water valves from virtually anywhere without sacrificing total manual access.

Instant Notifications

Receive status updates and text/email notifications when activity is detected. As soon as it happens.

Create Custom Scenes

Prepare for emergencies, easily. Command your valve to close when a leak is detected. Automatically turn the gas back on after a home repair.

Reliable Connections

The built-in Z-Wave signal repeater ensures extended range and constant connection.

Z-Wave Plus

A new and improved 500 series chip means that constant connection is faster than ever.

Adaptable Design

Adjustable brackets that suit most standard types of valves and handles make installation and access fast and simple.

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Blown water line and finally impressed wife

I have the zooz valve and didn't have much of an issue setting it up with my 3/4" water shutoff and the generic ST Z-Wave Water valve device handler. I was outside my deck relaxing and my wife was pissed running out with a head full of soap screaming that damn valve thing or something is turning the water off half way though her shower. I thought it was funny for the timing. Checked the phone and there it was. A notification for a wet detection at my basement kitchen. I don't even use the basement kitchen. Thinking it was just a false alarm. Upon inspection. It was a burst pex line just right under the sink caused by my son playing hide and seek earlier.
There was quite a bit of water but I am pretty sure it would be a lake if it was not for SmartThings.
So with all the things that didn't work with smartthings. I thank you for saving my ass and my impressed wife with my useless HA.
Ray, a SmartThings Community Member (original post)


  • Model Number: ZAC03
  • Z-Wave Signal Frequency: 908.42 MHz
  • Power: 12V/1A
  • Wireless Range: Up to 100 feet line of sight
  • Installation: Indoor only
  • Weight: 1lb 13oz


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