Build the security system you've always wanted. Z-Wave devices keep you close to your home even if you are thousands of miles away.

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You can replicate a classic security system using Zooz components and take full control of monitoring your home or business.

  • Get notified when suspicious activity is detected by a motion or open / close sensor
  • Trigger a Zooz audio/visual alarm siren with other security devices
  • Receive instant alerts when a security device is tampered with


Zooz will take you beyond standard safety solutions. You can now protect your property and your loved ones in a way that fits your lifestyle. And your budget.

  • Use water sensors and Z-Wave valve control to act quickly when leaks occur
  • Schedule lighting and other home appliances to behave like you're home to put off intruders
  • Monitor and control temperature for your pet when you're at work or on vacation

Zooz Z-Wave devices do not come with home automation software. They require a smart home gateway controller to work as designed. Read more about Z-Wave hubs.