Install Zooz electrical Z-Wave devices to save money, time, and energy. With automated switches and outlets, your personal and professional space will become as smart and efficient as you are.

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Use electrical Zooz devices to serve the same purpose traditional switches and outlets do. But now make them smarter.

  • Control lights and small appliances from your mobile device anywhere Internet is available
  • Automate your own lighting schedule based on time of day, day of the week, or when activity is detected
  • Instead of worrying about it at work, use your smart home app to check if your TV or kitchen lights were left on when you rushed out of the house


Z-Wave makes it easy to get creative by introducing lots of cool ways to manage energy.

  • Let lights talk to one another - group and associate switches so when you turn on the stairway light, the basement lights turn on automatically
  • Set and recreate perfect brightness for a movie night or dinner party with one click
  • Monitor energy usage of small appliances controlled by a Z-Wave outlet

Zooz Z-Wave devices do not come with home automation software. They require a smart home gateway controller to work as designed. Read more about Z-Wave hubs.