Setting the perfect conditions for your well-being is simple. Integrate Zooz products to your smart home system and enjoy the many benefits of automation.

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With just a few Zooz devices, your life becomes so much easier.

  • Open and close your gas or water valves remotely
  • Monitor temperature and humidity at your office or mountain cabin
  • Turn on the light in your closet simply by opening its door


When you don't have to think about the little things, you can focus on the important ones.

  • Automate valve control by creating a scene for it to shut down when water is detected
  • Let the temperature sensor trigger your Z-Wave thermostat to cool down the bedroom when it gets too hot
  • Program the open / close sensor to shut down your Z-Wave thermostat when you leave the porch door open

Zooz Z-Wave devices do not come with home automation software. They require a smart home gateway controller to work as designed. Read more about Z-Wave hubs.